Nike Versus Adidas

Nike Versus Adidas – Who Is The Real Leading World’s Sport Apparel?

Nike and Adidas are now considered as the two giant sport apparels in the world. Both get involved into competition to dominate the global market of sport wear. Nike used to dominate American market while Adidas used to take control the European market, and they previously didn’t interfere each other. So, which one is superior between Nike versus Adidas? You will discover the answer soon in this article.

Nike Versus Adidas
Nike Versus Adidas

Nike now seems like to be the world’s No. 1 sport apparel, however if Nike wants to be the leader in sport wear, it means that they have to conquer the European market. Is it enough just take control of Europe? Nike thought that in other continents like Asia, Africa as well as Australia, all customers are neutral and they have same taste towards Nike and Adidas.

Nike is very dominant in America since it widely dominates the basket ball and tennis wears. Besides American football, basket ball and tennis are very popular sports in the USA. While Adidas takes control of Europe since Adidas is the number one sponsor of FIFA. As you may know, in the Europe, soccer becomes the most-favored sport.

Looking at the situation, Nike finally started to break into soccer and started to shake the dominance of Adidas. So, let’s have a look at several facts which may show the best sport apparel in the world between Nike versus Adidas.

Jersey Sponsorship

The first competition can be seen from the big European clubs which are sponsored by Nike and Adidas. Both are equally sponsoring the four big European clubs, the four clubs which are sponsored by Nike are all enemies of four clubs which sponsored by Adidas. It’s so unique and illustrates just how bitter cold the battle between Nike versus Adidas.

As we all know, Nike sponsors the Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​and Inter Milan, whereas Adidas sponsors Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. It’s another interesting fact that the rival clubs sponsored by the rival sport apparels.

Player Sponsorship

The second competition can be seen from the football players who became a brand ambassador of Nike and Adidas. Every player who sponsored by Nike and Adidas is always an extraordinary player. They will only sponsor young potential players that potentially to be the best player in the world. What is the purpose? Surely if the player is eventually awarded the Ballon d’Or (Best European Footballer), or even World Player of the Year, of course, Adidas and Nike will be more famous and will feel proud that the players use their shoes design.

You must know the fierce competition between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The one sponsored by Nike and another one sponsored by Adidas. Messi proudly wears Adidas shoes, whereas Ronaldo looks comfortable with the Nike shoes. Ronaldo uses Nike Mercurial Superfly and Messi uses Adidas F50i. In addition to the two world’s best player names above, the other famous names that sponsored by Nike including Alexander Pato, Cesc Fabregas, Sergio Aguero, while Adidas brings Kaka, Steven Gerrard as well as David Beckham.

Shoes Types

The both leading brands try to release products that of course have each strengths and weaknesses. The reliable products from Nike are T90, Mercurial and Tiempo, while the competitor provides Predator, F50, and Adipure as its best products.

National Jersey Sponsorship

The competition of national jersey sponsorship is same with the competition of club jersey sponsorship. They’re trying to give sponsorship to the biggest clubs in the world and each club is the true rival. When Argentina sponsored by Adidas, and Brazil sponsored by Nike. While in the Europe, Nike sponsors Portugal and Netherlands, Adidas gives the sponsorship to Germany, Spain, and France.

Final Words

From the facts above, the showdown between Nike versus Adidas can be considered as the well-balanced match. However, Nike is very dominant not only in football jersey but also other sport apparels, and Nike succeed to break the domination of Adidas in the Europe. As a result, Nike may be a bit better than the rival, Adidas.

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